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Ryan Adams Responds To Courtney Love

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Ryan Adams has responded to the claims that he took money from Courtney Love and from her daughter Frances Bean’s trust fund to record his album ‘Rock And Roll”.

Adding a section on his official website entitled ‘Impersonal Swordfish’, the singer links to a statement that seems to be about the situation.

“I've been dealing with the truth that I have at times been a bad example and/or glorified self destructive behavior. This was never intentional, but rather a consequence of leading a public life in plain sight and never expecting any sort of preferential treatment, isolation or protection,” states Adams.

"I've realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they're going to find reasons to justify disliking me. There's nothing I can do about that. That said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly reality-challenged--however unreliable the source or outlandish the accusations. In the end, however, I know that I have never done or even meant anyone any harm.”

The response comes from a recent statement on Love’s MySpace blog about Adams taking $858,000 from her to fund the record.

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