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Ifans Causes Controversy With Date Rape Remarks

Rhys Ifans has provoked outrage amongst rape support groups after apparently making light of date rape in an interview.

The Notting Hill star was recently asked by U.K. station Radio Q to comment on a track by the band The Gutter Twins.

He expressed approval for the group, saying: "It's kind of like being date raped, which I liked."

Asked by the presenter if date rape is a good thing, Ifans continued: "Well, yeah, for guys."

And the remarks, which are due to be broadcast in the U.K. this week, have prompted anger from rape crisis groups.

Grahame Rhodes of the Roofie Foundation, a British helpline for victims of drug-related rape, says, "If he wants to retract that, it would be nice for the 9,000 people who have been drug raped in the past 12 years.

"It shows a total lack of understanding and compassion for the issues. I hope everyone boycotts everything he does now."

Um, wow, awkward turtle. I don't even really know him; I just know he dated Sienna Miller, who's clearly a real winner as well. Anyone have some kind of SVU .gif for this? Feels appropriate.

(P.S.--epic post was epic fun last night, you guyz. :D)


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