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Jamie Kennedy News

idk if this was posted and idk who else cares but me :) this is semi-old old news, but good to hear for Jamie fans!

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Sent on 6/13/08

Hey guys,

How's it going? A lot has happened since my last email. First off, I very recently joined the cast of the CBS hit show, Ghost Whisperer, so make sure you watch the new season, premiering sometime in September. Unfortunately, I had to cancel some of my stand-up dates this summer so I could make room for the shooting schedule. Stay tuned for any updates and rescheduling of my dates.

The release date of my new movie, "Heckler", is coming up on September 9th. In the meantime, you can pre-order a copy of it on (Heckler pre-order info). I got an online contest coming up in just a couple weeks that's all about "Heckler", so look out for that.

Finally, if you haven't already done it already, I have a brand new texting service called MessageBall. Sign up for my list and you'll get texts on your cell phone from me with exclusive ticket specials, tv appearances, news and a lot more. AND it's totally FREE! Just click the banner below, enter your number, cell service and you are set!

That's it for now.


And another on 7/31/08

Hey Everybody,

There's still time to submit your video response to my Heckler Contest , if you haven't yet. Videos will be accepted up until the "Heckler" DVD release on September 9th! Click HERE to pre-buy the DVD on!

To enter the contest, just watch the trailer and post a video response of your best heckler story. The best response with the most views and ratings wins a trip to Los Angeles and gets to be my guest for the day on the set of "Ghost Whisperer". There's a bunch of other prizes too, so make sure to enter!

For full explanation of contest and rules, CLICK HERE

Good Luck!

~ Jamie

Win a trip to Los Angeles and be Jamie’s special guest for a day on the set of the CBS hit show “Ghost Whisperer” starring Jamie and Jennifer Love-Hewitt!

Win a trip to Los Angeles and be Jamie’s special guest for a day on the set of the CBS hit show “Ghost Whisperer” starring Jamie and Jennifer Love-Hewitt! Jamie Kennedy’s new feature documentary “Heckler” explores the behind the scenes world of stand up comics, hecklers, and critics. To enter the “Heckler” video submission contest, just turn the camera on yourself! Ever heckled a comedian or performer? Did you witness the world’s best heckler? If so Jamie Kennedy wants to hear about it! Create a 1-2 minute video clip telling us your best heckler story!! The video with most views wins! Heckler, in stores September 9th! Pre-order on now.

Follow the steps below to upload your video. Then, start getting people to view your video! Email your family and friends and tell them to check out your clip!

Nine (9) winners will be selected:
Grand Prize: The Deluxe “Heckler Contest Winner” Experience!
• Round trip ariline ticket to Los Angeles
• 2 nights deluxe hotel
• V.I.P. guest of Jamie on the “Ghost Whisperer” set
• Dinner with Jamie Kennedy!
• Free tickets to see Jamie Kennedy perform at a Hollywood area comedy club
• Signed copy of “Heckler” and exclusive “Heckler” merchandise!!

1st Runner Up: (3 winners)
Personalized Gift Box from Jamie Kennedy including a signed
copy of “Heckler”, complete collection of “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” on DVD, signed “Kickin’ It Old Skool” DVD, signed “Unwashed” DVD, T-shirt, and dog tag!

2nd Runner Up: (5 winners)
Personalized “Heckler” Gift Box including a signed copy of
“Heckler” and exclusive “Heckler” merchandise

Contest Submission Instructions:

Step 1: Watch the“Heckler” movie clips below. Go to and for more exclusive clips and funny Jamie Kennedy stuff.

Step 2: Turn your webcam or video camera on yourself and tell the world what you think about hecklers! Have you ever heckled someone or been heckled? What do you think about hecklers and critics? Are the hecklers right? Do you have a funny story about a heckler, a bully or a comedian putting a heckler in his place? Tell us what you think! (Keys to success: Be funny, have a point, keep it short and sweet so more people watch and share) 1-2 minute clips are best.

Step 3: Upload your video by clicking the link below and follow the easy to use instructions. You will need to login to your YouTube account, If you do not have one now is a great time to sign up!

Then…get the word out!. Tell your friends, family and co-workers and get the net a buzzin’ to meet Jamie in L.A.!

Good Luck!

I'm a big Jamie fan and I'm considering entering this contest although I don't know if i'd be able to act cool around him, as lame as that sounds. So, ONTD, should I enter? Will anyone else?

source: my emailz

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