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Britney's "Amnesia" Track Details.

An insider close to Fernando Garibay, a confirmed producer for the upcoming album, has revealed exclusively to some of the details for an upcoming track Britney has recorded entitled "Amnesia." The insider says: "If it really goes on the final album, I bet it'll be a smash hit! It's kind of Britney fighting with a voice inside her, and damn... it's a huge fight, with an aggressive and uptime instrumental. And be ready, Brit is screaming in the studio."

They went on to reveal a bridge from the song:

"It's kinda amnesia / (baby, just forget it) / what you save only weighs you / and all I want is to be free / (to fly higher than ever) / so baby get out of my way / (I ain't still the same) now you are in my freaking game / and it's hotter than ever / (it's kinda amnesia)"

The track, contrary to reports, does NOT feature Justin Timberlake - nor does the other Garibay produced track titled "Quicksand."

source one

not the most reliable source, obviously, but the two tracks Amnesia and Quicksand were both confirmed tracks on Fernando Garibay's official website.

source two
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