swagoutthawazoo (swagoutthawazoo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

T.I. addresses some internet gangstas, remains sexy while going so

T.I. - If I wasn’t from Bankhead - don’t you think it would have come out before now?

I found this video over at I’mHip-Hop - What up, L? - of T.I. speaking on Shawty Lo, and the Bankhead Beef situation, and, I have to say he makes a lot of sense.

If T.I. really wasn’t from Bankhead - you’d think it would have proven by now. The truth doesn’t stay hidden forever - people do talk. Ask Akon, or Rick Ross, or Plies, or…well, you get my point.

What I like most about hearing T.I. speak is that his intelligence and humor always shine through. He doesn’t sound just plain ign’ant - like this guy.


He's so funny. I love listening to him talk.
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