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dana banana

Zefron and BBV to live together?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are 'deep in love and ready to take the next step,' an insider told National Enquirer. Vanessa reportedly talked Zac into giving up his apartment and moving in with her while they were in Turks & Caicos recently.

Vanessa has been house hunting since they returned from vacation. The insider spilled, 'She has her heart set on one place in particular, a cozy four bedroom, three bath Spanish style house in the Hollywood Hills. She's been dreaming of owning a home for the last year, and now she's finally ready to pluck down the $2.3 million for the house.'

Zanessa are going to wait until after Vanessa's summer tour is over before they move. The source added, 'She's been pushing for a live together situation for the past year.'



I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted. I bet Zac's all like "DNW!" Personally, I like Zefron and Ashley Tisdale better together. :: shrugs ::

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Tags: vanessa hudgens, zac efron

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