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Emma Roberts & Alex Pettyfer "Wild Child" Promotion in Manchester

Hollywood duo love Manchester

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EMMA Roberts and Alex Pettyfer are two of the hottest young stars in Hollywood and they were almost as excited about being in Manchester as the Rainy City was to have them here.

Emma, niece of Julia Roberts, says: "I love what I've seen of Manchester, it seems really cool. And I love The Ting Tings at the moment so being in their home city is great."

Her Windsor-born male co-star Alex adds: "The people here are lovely and the city is really cool. I tried to get out to experience a bit of it last night but I made it as far as the hotel door and realised I was exhausted. I'll be out tonight though."

He is already well known in the UK as a teen heart-throb for starring roles in Tom Brown's Schooldays and the movie Stormbreaker.

The pair, both teenagers, are in town for the premiere of the summer's big teen movie, Wild Child, and were the centre of attention at last night's fabulously glamorous film launch at the Trafford Centre.

"My mom's been shopping at the Trafford Centre all day while I've been doing these interviews," Emma tells me. "But I'll be joining her later. I'm told it's an incredible shopping mall and I can't wait to see the shops myself."


And, Emma is also heading for the trendy Northern Quarter, after being told it has a very similar feel to her home city New York.

Emma, already a rising star after her lead role in the recent big screen version of Nancy Drew, plus starring roles in Hotel For Dogs, alongside Don Cheadle and Friends star Lisa Kudrow, and Lymelife - the much anticipated new movie by Martin Scorsese - says having the `Roberts' surname can sometimes be a bit of a drag.

"People assume I only get the roles I do because of my aunt, which is simply not true. I get my roles because I am a good actress.

"When I do see Julia we tend not to talk too much about movies because it's like talking work. We bake cakes and have meals like normal families do."

Alex, her love interest in Wild Child - the story of a spoilt LA schoolgirl who gets sent to a boarding school in York - is also on the verge of big things.

"I'm moving to America in October, hopefully. I have had plenty of offers of work over there and I think now is the time to get over there."

For now though, we'll just have to watch the country's teenagers swoon as these bright young things dominate the summer cinema schedules.

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