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And let the Harry/Ginny wank begin....

Scene description from trailer sheds light on an intimate moment between Harry and Ginny.

According to the USA Today article, "They [Harry and Ginny] are about to kiss [while Ginny is all wet and just wearing a bathrobe] ," director David Yates says. "Then the bloody Death Eaters turn up and cause all sorts of anarchy." Describing the newly added attack on the burrow that sees Bellatirix Lestrange (played by Hellen Bonham Carter) and Werewolf Greyback surround the burrow for an attack that sees it burned to the ground. This occurs while Harry is spending Christmas break with the Weasley so Hermione is absent in this scene.


Harry careens through the marsh, reeds flashing past, then
spies Bellatrix. She GRINS, looking like a crazed wood
nymph, then flits off, her LAUGHTER mocking him. As he
pursues, FIRE SNAKES through the reeds toward him.


Fred, George, Ron and Arthur fan out, running full-out,
their feet kicking up SPARKS as SHADOWS splinter throughout
the reeds. It's like chasing ghosts.


Ginny, copper hair gleaming, races through the reeds.

Bellatrix leads Harry on, grinning madly.

Ginny comes dashing to a halt, chest heaving as she peers
into the smoking marsh. A HUGE FIGURE QUIVERS through a
veil of smoke. Ginny's eyes SHIFT, see Bellatrix racing
forward through the reeds, then SHIFT back as the veil of
smoke evaporates, reveals...Greyback. Bellatrix makes an
ODD, CLICKING noise--like a signal--and Greyback edges
forward, sweeping away the reeds in front of him and

...Harry as he pelts forward.

No, Harry! It's a trap!

Harry falters, looking toward Ginny's voice and spies
Greyback. Bellatrix stops dead, wheels in her tracks and,
seeing Ginny, SHRIEKS with RAGE. Raising her wand, she
fires a BOLT of RED LIGHT which explodes in a SHOWER of
SPARKS around Ginny. Ginny fires back, then wheels away,
flashing through the reeds coming face to face with...

Greyback, sharp teeth glittering.

Don't you smell clean.

Just then, a BOLT OF BLUE bursts off Greyback's back and he
turns, sees Harry standing several yards off. As Greyback
gives chase, Ginny pelts after and we CUT back and forth
between Harry, Ginny and the beast between them, faster and
faster, their BREATHS shortening until...

Greyback rushes into a clearing, panting, glancing about.

Just then, TWIN BOLTS of light blast from opposite sides of
the clearing and Greyback is lifted in the air, slammed to
the ground. As he regains his feet he looks into the reeds
and sees Harry and Ginny, wands poised. He grins...when
Bellatrix's odd, CLICKING signal carries through the night
once again. Turning away, he exits.

Harry and Ginny slowly step out of the reeds, stare at each
other wordlessly. Then...Ron, Fred, George, Arthur and
Lupin come thrashing into the clearing, stop. All around
them, the reeds SMOKE, the flames dying. Across the marsh,
Bellatrix's cackle rises briefly on the air--then all is

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