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John Mayer, Eric Roberts, and Milo Ventimiglia testify. Official testimony included.

"Actors Eric Roberts and Milo Ventimiglia and musician John Mayer were scheduled to address the hearing to regulate aggressive tabloid photographers. Roberts attended with his daughter, actress Emma Roberts.

"You can't imagine what it's like until it happens to you," Eric Roberts said before the hearing. "It's never OK."

He told reporters his daughter keeps a low profile and hasn't been too bothered by paparazzi."

John Mayer's official testimony....

"I am one of the most media-friendly celebrities around, and my being here this morning is not in contrast with that; rather, it's in keeping with it. There is no doubt that the new frontier of entertainment is taking place informally on the street. Sound bites that used to be given on red carpets and in arranged interviews now take place beside a restaurant's valet stand, and there's no changing that. I don't want to beg the city of Los Angeles to give me 1987 back. I love being a famous musician in 2008. I embrace technology, but I also believe in thoughtfully adapting it to fit within a societal framework. And in the specific areas of both tracking and close-quarter engagement by the paparazzi, there are changes that must be made.

I'd like to define the scope of my argument by first defining what lies outside of it. I'm not here this morning to talk to you about the media at large, blogs, tabloid magazines, or entertainment news shows. I'm not even here to talk to you about photography itself. You don't have to ultimately be photographed to have been dangerously pursued in the attempt of getting a shot. The danger exists in methods and tactics having absolutely nothing to do with picture taking. In fact, removing the camera from the equation is a very effective way of looking at this situation candidly.

Source 1 and Source 2

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