Angel Rodriguez (lascivit) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Angel Rodriguez

Solange Knowles says people will "talk shit"

Awwwwwhhhh Dammmmnnn........

Here we go again. People going to be talking shit when this shit hits the fan. lol.

In this journey I have been so blessed to come across many faces and
spaces that have shown so much love.
I hear so many folk who love that the record is a departure from most
of the traditional things out right now.
I get people who love my steez and encourage me to be me and I THANK YOU

Unfortunately I'm in an industry where diversity is not celebrated the
way it should be.
When some people see and hear something different it feels foreign to
them and they don't like that.
Everyone has a choice of what they like and that's a beautiful thing!!!
BUT Record labels, managers, publicist, journalist, media ect… have a
tendency to see something work and try to reciprocate that with another
artist thinking that's what makes success.
To me what makes success is letting people be truly who they are.

When I heard Kanye's "Everything I Am" I instantly fell in love.
I felt my story somewhere in his. I felt his frustration yet
acceptance of who he was.
So I decided to put my own little twist on it:)

Warning: This song in NO WAY shape or fashion has a negative light to
any of the artist I mention...I love and respect them ALL.
I am just simply expressing myself and my story.
When I say F.U. I am talking to no one in particular, only those that
feel guilty of categorizing :)

I feel that many people can relate to this song outside of the
industry and that's why I want to share.
This is the first song off the mixtape series coming out soon named

"I Can't Get Clearance..."

I hope u have a beautiful sunny day and starry night.

Download the song at

9:34 AM


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