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Beginning of the end


Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

John Connor (Christian Bale) questions Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a terminator who’s either sent from the future or rescued from the past.

IT’S a brilliant move casting Christian Bale as the adult John Connor. We’ve only seen young Connor (Edward Furlong in T2 and Thomas Dekker in The Sarah Connor Chronicles ... yes, we are ignoring Nick Stahl’s effort in that weak T3 movie) who is fated to lead the human resistance against the evil company, Skynet, and its army of Terminators in the near future. So it makes perfect sense that the actor who generously gave Bruce Wayne and his masked alter-ego layers of depth should also play the grown-up Connor. They also got the very talented Bryce Dallas Howard to play John’s wife, Kate Connor (yay!)

A teaser trailer released last month indicates that director McG might just resuscitate this franchise once again. Well, he’d better because it’s a three-film deal! The world after the Judgement Day – described hence far only by John Connor’s parents – is uncompromisingly devastating, with chaos reigning everywhere. In an eerie way, the trailer begins with a human skull being crushed. That visual says so much about the dire situation of this post-apocalyptic world, especially with Bale’s voiceover, “... this is not the future my mother warned me about. In this future, I don’t know if we could win this war”. Erm, and what of the Terminators? They look kind of different. Apparently, the future was altered thanks to an individual named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington). At the official site (www.terminatorsalvation.com), McG writes there are all kind of artificial intelligences including Hydrobots which patrol the water, Transports which move human prisoners, Harvesters and Aerostats ... whoah! Keep May 28, 2009 free, people, because “The End Begins” on that day.


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