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cause new britney's on a mission.

Lady Ga Ga: Britney Track Gave Me Chills

Lady Ga Ga, who has had a lot of press over her career Britney lately, was interviewed by HX Weekly, and revealed that the track Britney recorded with her and Darkchild was "amazing."

Interviewer: You surely earned even more gay fans with the recent announcement that you wrote a track for Britney’s upcoming album. Was that a dream come true?

Lady Ga Ga: Yeah. I was working with Rodney Jerkins on Pussycat Dolls, and we wrote this song - I almost slipped and told you the name. Thank God I caught myself; I respect her a lot, so I was to give her control over that. When we were done with the song, I was like, "Oh, I want to sing it," but my album was already closed. It never even crossed my mind that she was doing a new record. Then Rodney played it for [Britney's manager] Larry Rudolph, who was in the studio. Rodney called me later and was like, "Britney's people are freaking out about this song." Ultimately, she makes the decisions, so when I found out that she loved it and was going to record it, it was amazing. I actually heard it yesterday with her on it for the first time, and I really had chills."


the rest of the interview is at the source.

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