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LOL of the Day


Astrologer Michele Knight reveals all to Us...  

SEAN PRESTON SPEARS-FEDERLINE - VIRGO - 9/14/05 "[Kevin Federline] is his stability, but he will completely accept [Britney Spears] and admire her for who she is without judging her," British psychic and astrologer Michele Knight ( tells Us. Sean "has the chart of somebody who will be good at making money in banking or investments" but "he'll always be drawn to troubled women!"

RYDER ROBINSON - CAPRICORN - 1/7/04HARLOW MADDEN - CAPRICORN - 1/11/08 "Harlow has a lot of creative potential but she lacks motivation," Knight says of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's 7-month-old daughter. "She could decide to do one creative job, then change her mind and go in the opposite way." What kind of men will she date? "Possibly someone foreign from a different background."

SAM SHEEN - PISCES - 3/9/04 Despite Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' messy divorce, their 4-year-old "will always adore her dad," says Knight. "He is the love of her life and they have a cosmic relationship. She is also quite psychic and good at predicting." Sam "won't want to be in the public eye," predicts Knight. "She might own a shop."  

RYDER ROBINSON - CAPRICORN - 1/7/04 Underneath the surface is sporty "daredevil" and future lady killer, says Knight "He'll just look at a girl and know what she's feeling. He loves independent women and he's sensitive." But the most important chica in his life will always be mom Kate Hudson. "They're soul mates. He has a cosmic bond with her."

COCO ARQUETTE - GEMINI - 6/13/04 A friend to everyone! "She is very accepting of everybody and will make a brilliant writer or teacher," says Knight. "Coco will never rebel against her parents [Courteney Cox and David Arquette] because she adores them and they are the most important thing to her." Notes Knight: "She has an especially loyal fantastic relationship with her mom."

MAX BRATMAN - CAPRICORN - 1/12/08 Max will follow in the footsteps of his singer mom Christina Aguilera and record exec dad Jordan Bratman. "He's very connected to music," says Knight. "It'll be difficult for him to have a structured job. He's very creative and interested in spirituality."

MATILDA LEDGER - SAGITTARIUS - 10/28/05 The 2-year-old daughter of Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger "will have a man in her life that becomes like a father figure to her, which is exactly what she needs," says Knight, author of 365 Birthdays Interpreted. One personal challenge? "She feels she has to be perfect and needs to understand she's lovable for who she is."

SURI CRUISE - ARIES- 4/19/06 "She'll be a bit of a wild child," Knight says of the 2-year-old. "She's going to be a bit rebellious and attracted to the most unsuitable and outrageous characters. It will take her a long time to settle down." Explains Knight, "Suri finds [dad Tom Cruise] more sensitive and emotional [than mom Katie Holmes]."

SHILOH & ZAHARA JOLIE-PITT - GEMINI & CAPRICORN- 5/27/06 & 1/8/05 Shiloh, 2, will become a writer or psychologist, according to Knight. "She'll be impulsive in love and leap into relationships spontaneously." Expect Zahara, 3, to be like free-spirited mom Angelina. "She'll do something with humanitarian interests," Knight predicts. "She won't consider one country her home."

MAX & EMME ANTHONY - PISCES - 2/22/08 "They'll want to go into music and film," Knight says of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins. "They'll communicate and work well together. They'll help each other and be creative collaborators."


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