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Radiohead brings Lollapalooza its first sellout in festival's history, go ~*~green~*~

All 75,000 tickets for Friday’s opening day of Lollapalooza at Grant Park have been sold, according to the festival Web site. It marks the first sell-out for the festival since it made the lakefront its home in 2005.

The Friday headliner, Radiohead, is making its first appearance in Chicago since releasing its latest studio album, “In Rainbows,” on its Web site last year. The band was planning to announce a Thursday concert at the Chicago Theatre, but canceled it at the last minute to allow singer Thom Yorke time to recover from an illness.The band last played Grant Park exactly seven years ago, on Aug. 1, 2001. That concert was also a sell-out, but only 25,000 tickets were sold.Tickets ($80) remain for the remaining two days of Lollapalooza, on Saturday and Sunday.

~*~Lolla preview~*~
2008’s lineup includes mega UK band Radiohead, who in an effort to be more green, are touring this summer utilizing what are basically gigantic rechargeable batteries to power their mesmerizing lightshow. Radiohead are known for having an amazing live performance and have been included on many “must see” lists including Q magazine’s Top 50 Bands To See Before You Die.

Radiohead are joined by Rage Against The Machine and Nine Inch Nails, both who headlined the tour in 1991 and 1992. RATM revolutionized rock and roll all throughout the 1990’s infusing hip-hop beats with Tom Morello’s electric guitar edge and Zach De La Rocha’s potent and unforgettable lyrical rhymes. The band broke-up in 1999 and reunited last year at the 2007 Coachella Festival and have been playing a few highly anticipated dates since. Meanwhile Trent Reznor and camp from Nine Inch Nails have been supporting their latest album “The Slip” which they released for free download to fans on their website in July.

Other main stage acts include hip-hop artist and producer Kanye West, The White Stripes’ Jack White, performing with his other band, The Raconteurs, alternative country rock band Wilco, and groovey hip-hopsters, Gnarles Barkley. Tickets to the show are $80 bucks for a day-pass or $200 for a three-day pass. If heat, gas, and ticket prices can be overlooked, Lollapalooza 2008 looks to be a summer music festival not to be missed.

here is today's schedule

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