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Lainey said:

Nick and Jessica are trying their best to appear happy together (see attached) in spite of the E!Online faux pas earlier this week, the rest of the world is waiting with baiting breath for the OFFICIAL divorce announcement probably coming our way in a month or two...AFTER the big Dukes of Hazzard premiere. I'm not sure there's anyone out there who still believes this thing is the real deal...but just in case...I've landed some super exclusive dirt from one of my LA sources that pretty much confirms their union is just as fraudulent as Jennifer Aniston's America's sweetheart illusion. Last weekend at an LA party, Jessica was seen doing lines in a private room with her assistant Cacee and another male friend. You will recall earlier this year when Paris Hilton's Sidekick got hacked, several text messages between her and Lindsay Lohan revealed that Jessica isn't exactly a stranger to the white powder scene. Anyway, back to this weekend...Jessie's snorting away, all three of them are having a gay old time...when suddenly Cacee reaches over, parts Mrs. Lachey's short shorts and undies, and starts fingering her right then and there. By all accounts, this is not the first time this has happened. And Cacee's not the only female who's had manual knowledge of the Simpson cha-cha either. Fellating Johnny Knoxville and getting handf*cked by a long list of delectable women??? All this from the daughter of a former Southern Baptist preacher?? You don't say???!!!! Anyway, in light of this current piece of scintillating gossip...I thought I'd throw out a classic photo. Jessica on stage, wearing the tiniest of hotpants, spread eagle for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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