Fake Psychic James Van Praagh: "Barbara Walters Is A Cunt"

Medium and author James Van Praagh is talking to ET about how he feels about Barbara Walters' comments about him on "The View" last week.

On July 17's episode of "The View," Walters told the audience that when Van Praagh had been on the show the week before, he had warned her of possible health issues. "Even though I knew that this was ridiculous," Walters said, "I called my doctor." She said that she went to the doctor and he told her she was fine. She said of Van Praagh's psychic impression: "I think it's a dangerous thing to do looking at someone and saying, 'Oh let me see, you have an elevated, there's an aura, you have an elevated white blood count.'"

Van Praagh, who told ET that Walters had "been very nice and accommodating to [him] before," says that when he gave her his reading, she was condescending and "very nasty." He said that Walters "misinterpreted what I was saying" and he considered Walters' follow-up comments on the July 17 show to be "a stab in the back."

The medium, who says he brought each host of "The View" a hand-blown glass heart when he appeared on the program, says, "I'd love a public apology from her but she'll never give me one… her ego's in the way I think."