david cook (almost?) loves ontd!

i have a fansign?

by the way, david cook is a gentleman and a sweetheart. like, seriously. some nutty wordnerds thought it would be brilliant to make a poster out of his family's home phone number and get the idols to sign it. when they showed it to cook, instead of freaking the fuck out, he looked at it blankly, looked at it some more, stepped back, finally said "i gotta be honest with you, that weirds me out", and then managed to have security take it away, promised he'd get those girls something to make up for the seized materials, and when they started fretting he told them he didn't hate them, and then hugged and took pictures with them. everybody else was sort of quiet and creeped out by then, and he tried to lighten the mood as he moved on, but it was awkward as hell, especially since it clearly unsettled him. (it was kind of hard to bring up the fan sign, after that. but i did. hurray for awkward me.)

ALSO. DAVID ARCHULETA came out SUPER quick beforehand (i think he wasn't actually supposed to come out at all 'cause he had press. but he did because he's the best person ever), and he has the prettiest eyeballs in the entire universe. we made EYE CONTACT for TWO SECONDS. he is awesome. and amazing. everyone should love him forever. the end.