This IS the Kelly Kapoor story hour

US magazine's 20 questions with 20 somethings featuring Mindy Kaling.

Mindy Kaling
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mindy knows how to make America laugh and it’s not just with her comedic timing on NBC’s “The Office.” In addition to playing chatty Kelly Kapoor, she’s also responsible for making her co-stars funny by writing and producing the hit show. Mindy first gained national attention as the co-writer and star of her own off-Broadway play called “Matt & Ben,” and it wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling. As one of the brightest and funniest females in the business, this twenty-something is sure to keep the laughs coming.

1. When do you feel the most beautiful?
When I manage not to get a stain on something white.
2. Definition of beauty?
Being comfortable in your skin and confidence.
3. Who is #1 on your speed dial?
My mother, who is my best friend.
4. Who inspires you the most?
Women who are funny, who I have grown up watching on television.
5. Importance of finding "the one?"
I’m obsessed with it and romance. I am a romantic.
6. Proudest career achievement?
That I'm part of a show that portrays normal people as interesting.
7. Twenty-something challenges?
Realizing you're not a kid, like when you weirdly start getting aches in places you didn’t as a teenager.
8. Beauty routine?
It's low key. I feel happy if I’m able to wash my face.
9. What do you want to achieve in the next five to ten years?
Have a family, maybe marry, most importantly, learn to drive better.
10. Top priorities right now?
Doing a good job with my work, being a good daughter, friend, and girlfriend.

11. What keeps you up at night?
Thinking that I let someone down who I care about.
12. If you had more time?
I would become more flexible. I can barely touch my toes.
13. What do you do in your free time?
Watch television. It seems like I can't get enough of it.
14. Advice for other twenty-somethings?
Try to save a little money each month. A little, not a lot.
15. When do you feel the most confident?
When I have made someone laugh.
16. What have you learned most in life?
Everyday is a clean slate, for better or for worse.
17. How much of Kelly is the real you?
A lot! Our fascination with fashion magazines, tabloids, and boys.
18. Is it hard to be taken seriously as a female comedy writer?
No. I feel very valued.
19. Favorite personal lesson?
Everyday is fresh and unmarked.
20. Face the same stereotypes as your character?
In my work place, there’s none at all. I feel really lucky.

There's also a video at the source.


I think Kelly should be the ONTD mascot, y'all. She totally refreshes ONTD every five minutes.