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Kline Death Scene Ruined By Cellphone Chatter

Kevin Kline was horrified to hear his death speech in a performance of Cyrano De Bergerac last year was ruined by an audience member on the phone.

The thespian was so into the scene he blocked out the chatter in the third row as one thoughtless theatregoer talked to a pal about dining out after the production.

But, when he came offstage, co-star Jennifer Garner told him what was going on as he was `dying' onstage.

He says, "Apparently this lady's cellphone rang just as I was doing my last speech about my life being meaningful because of panache, and what have you.

"As I'm going on, she hears the phone ring; she picks it up and she says, `Yeah, no, I'm still here... He's lying down. It's going to be over soon. Yeah, it's Jennifer. Yeah, Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner. Yeah, no, he's dying. I'll be a couple more minutes. I'll be there. I'll be there. Just wait. You can order for me. Yeah. Okay. He's dead. He's dead. Oh, the curtain came down. Okay. I'll be right there.'

"If I had heard that, I would have sped up the whole death thing. It's annoying as all hell."

I had to post this because I saw the show and thought it was wonderful, especially him--I would have killed her with my bare hands if I'd been there for that one. (Although it's kind of funny, in a twisted way.)
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