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HSM3 "Bromance"

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If you thought the 'High School Musical' franchise was huge before, brace yourself for October 24, 2008, when Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the gang hit the big screen for the first time in 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year.'

Big changes are afoot at East High, as we found when we visited the 'HSM3' set. The kids may be playing it cool, but they know the stakes are high -- not just because the cable hit is moving into theaters, but also because it's about time for familiar favorites to say goodbye, while new sophomores arrive to take their places.

Making a movie that's bigger and better had the cast working overtime. Corbin Bleu, who plays Chad, explains that "We had more dance numbers in this movie than in any of the others, and they're definitely bigger." Expect to see plenty of fancy footwork from stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens; choreographer Bonnie Story gushes that Efron "has stepped up," and that Hudgens "looks absolutely amazing, dancing-wise."

While everyone may be waiting to see what happens between Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Hudgens), the real romance in the movie may be between Troy and ... Chad? "It's like a bromance," Bleu explains. So where does that leave Taylor (Monique Coleman)? We'll have to wait until October 24 to see what Bleu means when he says "there's more of a connection" between Chad and Taylor, yet that "Chad is ... most in love with Troy." Hmm.

Chad & Ryan 4ever!!!11
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