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Gary Oldman's Bond ambition

Gary Oldman wants to star in a James Bond spin-off.

The 50-year-old actor - who can soon be seen in new Batman movie 'The Dark Knight' - would love to see a film based entirely on 007's gadget expert friend Q.

Oldman said: "I wouldn't want to be a Bond villain because once you do it you are kind of at the end of the line. I wouldn't mind playing Q in a spin-off movie all about him."

The actor - who won rave reviews for his directorial debut 'Nil By Mouth' in 1997 - also revealed he is planning to step behind the camera once more for conjoined-twin drama 'Chang And Eng'.

He added: "I've been working on that project for the last couple of years. But that process of writing gets interrupted because you have to go off and earn money and you have got kids. Someone said to me the other day, 'Oh, it's such a shame you haven't directed since 'Nil By Mouth'.

"And you go, 'Well I've been bringing up these two boys for the last 10 years - that's my project, that's the movie. But it's time 'Chang And Eng' saw the light of day."


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