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"So yea, this is so fucking hilarious.. i wish i could of leaked these along with the pics..

This HILARIOUS rap song was made by miley cyrus's co-star on Hanna Montana, mitchel musso... along with his friend , this dude named kyle..

This song is so pathetic, and actualy remnids me of a wanna-be ytcracker/spamtec ryme without the nerdyness"

Click here to hear the song

[Mitchel musso aka "Uncontained's Part]
When the beat drops and your heart stops
*something something* call the doc
I'm unbeliveably hot, I cant get any hotter
I bet you thought this vodka was water.
But its not and its the only thing that fits in my cup
And if I spill it, Mobz will fill it back up.
You can't catch up , cause we're already warmed up
We're about to blow up, now mobz please tear it up

[Kyle AKA Mobz part - this dude is not a celeb]
Get crunk wid it, get loose wid it
Get some gray goose
and get groose wid it
You know how i roll , I'm on your ringtone
booty calls comin in on my iphone
I know you want to see me, catch me on the TV
I'm so fly everybody wants to be me
Catch me pimpin in the club come please me, tease me
Uncontained, and MOB-zie

Still think those pics are shopped?