Jessica Biel: I Don't "Have to Have" Marriage

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Jessica Biel says her life will be fine even if she doesn't walk down the aisle one day.

“The actual idea of signing those papers and doing all this stuff ... I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it,'" the actress, 26, says in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Though she doesn't mention beau Justin Timberlake's name, she adds, "the idea of being with somebody I care about, who’s my soul mate, that sounds groovy.”

(Timberlake's pal, Trace Ayala, recently told Us that he didn't see wedding bells in their future but said Biel and Timberlake "are just awesome together.")

Focusing on her acting career, Biel also says she doesn't want kids right now.

“I think when you make a decision to have a family and children, everything else comes second,” Biel says. “But if I choose to have a family, I would hope to create a balance, because I don’t want to lose my sense of identity, my career, and my independence. Why can’t I have both? Why can’t I have everything? So many women do it.”

As for her hot bod, Biel says, “I am the shape that I am. I feel no shame in it, you know what I mean? My mother always made me feel just great the way I was.”

The Colorado native tells the magazine she was always active as a kid.

“We didn’t really have video games or watch TV. We were always camping. My brother and I spent all of our time outside,” she says. “Playing soccer. Doing gymnastics, skiing, snowboarding. That’s really how I grew up. So for me, being athletic and active is a way of life."

She admits adjusting to Hollywood life wasn't easy.

“I felt for a long time that I wasn’t ballsy enough. Not cool enough. Not strong enough. Too much of a pushover," she says.

"But at this point in my life," Biel adds, "I’m so thankful for the values that I had growing up, and I don’t care about that stuff anymore. I’m not going to be the coolest or the most ballsy. And I’m not going to be the most outspoken, and, guess what, that’s cool. That’s okay.”

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