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sweet and sour encounter

This happened a couple of weeks ago actually but oh wells. My sister works up at a high end store in Park City, Utah and as you all know HSM3 has been filming here in Salt Lake. Zac and Vanessa went shopping at the store my sister works at and apparently Vanessa was a huge bitch to everyone. She said that she had those big sunglasses on that she didn't take off the whole time while shopping, didn't smile once, didn't say "please" or "thank you", she wouldn't answer anybody even if she was spoken to, just stood by Zac's side the whole time.  My sister asked Vanessa how she was liking Utah and she tilted her glasses down, looked at my sister, didn't say anything, then pushed her glasses back up and just walked away. hmmmm. 

Zac, on the other hand, was supposedly a sweetheart. He was smiling at everybody, making conversation, and had very good manners. He paid for everything they bought, which it all came out to be a little under $5,000. 

Also, she said both of them are so tiny! Like really short and skinny.
ANNNNND the end. I bid you adieu.

source: me.

Tags: vanessa hudgens, zac efron

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