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Bleeding Love & Honoring a Legend

She’s won countless awards, hangs with superstars and performs all over the world, but British songstress Leona Lewis is still ecstatic about one unforgettable recent show.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nelson Mandela concert!

Hi everyone, ....

I've had the most memorable few days this past week. First I was invited to attend a dinner with Nelson Mandela, where there would be an auction for his incredible charity. ....

Elton John gave a stunning performance and we heard moving speeches from Forest Whitaker (who I luv), Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton! It was lovely to see Oprah and Gale there too. They where heading to Africa for work with Oprah's school for women out there, I admire her so much. ....

I took my aunty with me, who adores Mr. Mandela and she managed to get everyone's autograph and photo even though we weren't supposed too - lol! ....

The next day all the performers for the 90th Birthday celebration had a group photo with Mandela. I got to sit right beside the great man, wow what an honour, I couldn't quite believe it! ....

The following day was the big event and I couldn't even sleep I was so excited, honoured, nervous everything at the same time! ....

Backstage everyone was really buzzing, it was a great atmosphere. When I went out on stage the audience went back as far as I could see and everyone was so happy and singing along, it was one of my favourite performances. I had so much fun. To perform for such an amazing mans birthday and 46664 his remarkable charity is one of the highlights of my career and I hope there will be many more great causes that I can be a part of.

- Leona


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