First Dragon Ball now Death Note

Death Note is going to be remade in America!!!

For all you anime fans out there, there’s a little manga that became an anime, which has now evolved into a 3-part live action film. If you’re hard-core, you probably already know what I’m talking about. You guessed it right, Death Note. For those that do not know, the story revolved on Light, a college student who finds a notebook lying on the ground coined “Death Note”. He “reluctantly” picks it up and that is when havoc ensues…

He basically can write anyone’s name down in the book with his or her face in mind and kill him or her off with the jot of a pen. Later on it becomes a whole moral issue on who he kills, why and a very entertaining cat and mouse game. Think of CSI and Law & Order multiplied by a thousand. It is one of the most exciting intellectual dramas I have encountered and I implore you to check it out!

Now for those that do know about the series and that the live action movie was played in movie theaters world wide, it does not end there. No siree Bob, American movie studio Vertigo is planning to do a remake of the movie and was revealed ever so silently in the production notes in the movie “Shutter and the Strangers”. I would personally love to see Death Note go on and on forever. It is simply that good. I wonder if it will lose its integrity as an American version and if it will still be shot in Japan…


PS: I just watched the entire Anime in one sitting yesterday and loved it. Who would you cast?