Skins is coming to BBC America

is set to air in the US on BBC America.

What on earth will they make of the outrageous, honest and buoyant kids when compared to the groomed kids of The OC or Gossip Girl?

Hopefully it will be a wake up call on depicting teenagers as true teenagers, not just young adults with adult values. But it will also push a lot of buttons for its use of sex, drugs and rock & roll. At least on cable it has a lot more leeway.

The series will air in a 9pm timeslot from August 13.

The second series of Skins airs at 10pm Mondays on SBS (although it's resting for 2 weeks during the Tour de France cycling -back July 21).

Producers have also indicated all but one of the current cast will be replaced for the third series.



Teenagers grab life by the balls in BBC AMERICA's hot new comedy drama, Skins. Starring Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, The Weather Man), and with a team of writers averaging the age of 22, the award-winning show follows the lives and loves of a group of shameless teenagers. A potent mix of humorous, heartbreaking and shocking stories unfold as the group get high, get drunk, get laid and get up for school, while pushing boundaries and managing their parents in ways only teenagers can.

Skins premieres Wednesday, August 13, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

I hope this means a region 1 DVD release of it!

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