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celeb bulges according to www.bulgereport.com :

Russell Crowe
"nicknamed him cashew"
[5 posts. 1 says he's not tiny.]

Johnny Depp
Tiny "small carrot"
[Disappointing if true]

Matt Damon
Normal size, looked uncut.

Shea Hillenbrand
Very big, thick, real  nice.

Kevin Costner
Big, fills his shorts good.

Jon Bon Jovi
"a nutsack the size of a bull's"

Vanilla Ice
"10 inches. Pulled out to prove it."

Ewan MC Gregor

George Clooney
Tighty Whities,
average size cut.

Ryan Phillipe
"about 3-4 inches flaccid"

Tom Welling
"cut, thick, and hairy"

Pierce Brosnan
"boxers and an average, thin dick"

John Rocker
Big, Thick, Shoots Lots
"biggest cock ever, walks around locker room and his dick swings" HUGE! Shoots big loads too.

James Franco
"cut and about 5 inches soft"

Hugh Jackman
"about 6 inches long and uncut"

Josh Hartnett
"tiny for his height"

Ricky Martin
Average, uncut.

Elijah Wood
21, lives with mom. Wears boxers, looked small in health club. Maybe he's a "grower".

Javier Lopez
"huge, uncut, huge balls too

Michael Boulton
"Running down his long thin leg was an equally long thin highly visible penis"

Taye Diggs
"Another huge one."

Seann William Scott
"Dude! You got a good sized dick!"

Calls himself "small".

Orlando Bloom
"HUGE! 9" and thick! not to hairy! Very nice!"

Prince William
"medium size, barely any hair, cut, anal that people might think he's . . . "

Justin Timberlake
"Cut, has 4-5 inch dick, with a circumcision scar, a bit red"