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Curb Your Enthusiasm - SEASON 7 CONFIRMED!

Bald men everywhere can now rejoyce! Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been CONFIRMED!

Jeff Garlin appeared at press junket for the new Pixar film WALL-E, in which he stars. reports Jeff had to say this about a seventh season of Curb:

"The earliest we would be on the air would be a year from now, and I’m guessing a year from this fall.
Let me just tell you what Curb Your Enthusiasm is like for me and Larry. We do all first drafts - there’s no rewriting, it’s all first drafts. When we get to the set, let’s say it’s a scene where Larry and I are driving somewhere, talking about something. They’ll say ‘Speed,’ meaning the sound and cameras are ready to go, and I’ll turn to Larry and say, ‘What’s this scene about?’ He’ll say ‘I don’t remember.’ We’ll call over the AD, who has a small version of the script, and we’ll look at it and say ‘Oh, okay.’ So I won’t know until I’m filming that day. I mean, I read the outlines in advance, but I forget them by the time we go into production."

In March, Jeff did an interview with Vern Glenn of KRON 4 and said that he and Larry are currently writing season 7. Click here to view the interview.

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