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SURPRISE! Sienna Miller ruins Balthazar Getty's marriage

Additional ammo from this post...

2ND UPDATE: Maybe he's just a cheater, and this one isn't Sienna Miller. Per comments, her height: 5'5", his height between 5'9-6' depending on the source. They're both in flat shoes, and even allowing for soles/uneven surface, there's no way there are 4"-6" between them.

Sienna Miller is in a messy love triangle with a married millionaire a month after dumping actor Rhys Ifans.

The star has fallen for Balthazar Getty, 33, a member of the super rich oil dynasty.

But he is married with four children, including June Catherine, who is just eight months old.

His furious wife Rosetta Getty is speaking to divorce lawyers today.

It is not yet known if Sienna, 26, will be named in any court papers.

But it is another messy chapter in a tangled love life which has involved film stars Daniel Craig, 39, Jude Law, 35, and Ifans, 40.

Balthazar is an actor who plays Tommy Walker on Channel 4 show Brothers & Sisters.

He is pals with Welshman Matthew Rhys, who is Kevin Walker on the programme and is another of Sienna's exes.

She was rumoured to have rebounded on Matthew after Rhys Ifans. But he was just a smokescreen for the man she was really after.

It is thought Matthew introduced Sienna to Balthazar in Prague when she was filming GI Joe in May.

Ifans tried to meet Sienna in the Czech capital but she told him she was "too busy" and promised to fly back to London to see him.

Instead she stayed in Prague to spend time with Balthazar.

A friend of Matthew's said: "They began meeting in Prague and that was when the chemistry started and he began wooing her.

"She had a boyfriend and it didn't immediately turn physical but there was something there.

"This behaviour is typical Sienna. She loves the power of being able to take a man off another woman.

"At least Rhys Ifans can try to get over it now. He knows she lied to him about Prague so that will make it a bit easier for him to move on."

For the past month Sienna and Balthazar, said to be "besotted and smitten", have been getting closer.

The tycoon's wife and children Cassius Paul, Grace, Violet and June Catherine, are all thought to have gone to stay in one of the family's well-staffed villas in Italy while a divorce is thrashed out.

A source confirmed: "Sienna got to know Balthazar through Matthew and they hit it off. They have grown incredibly close. He secretly flew to London and Prague to be with her. She has spent last week in a Hollywood house with him."

The pair have been holed up day and night with each other as their romance blossomed.

Sienna flew to Los Angeles last Monday after finishing her nine-month relationship with Ifans.

On Wednesday Sienna ordered a takeaway and took it back to a hideaway house in Hollywood she was sharing with Balthazar.

They ate out in LA on Thursday and met friends including actor Johnny Lee Miller for drinks on Friday, arriving separately.

A witness said: "Getty came in and everyone made space for him to sit by Sienna at the table. They clearly knew they were together."

Before he was married Balthazar was romantically linked with Drew Barrymore and Milla Jovovich.

Dlisted provided the pictures (from one of his readers)

Update: I just wasted 30 minutes of my life on making a Sienna Miller based Venn Diagram. I ran out of room/time/interest so many of the outward spirals are just by category.
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