hello, I'm compulsive. (painfulwish) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
hello, I'm compulsive.

I know you've all been patiently awaiting new pictures of Britney & BitBit, but I come bearing bad news, everybody.
Britney got her pregnant ass a new dog, and passed Bitbit on to her sister some girl...

I can understand carrying around a chihuahua around every once & a while, but a dog that size? What's the point? I guess I kind of see the resemblance between the dog & Cletus, maybe she's practicing for September?


Speaking of white trash at it's highest, has anyone seen Colin Farrell lately? He couldn't have slept with any drag queen, because any self-respecting DQ would clean his ass up before she fucked him. That's just a fact.

EDIT - FYI, there is currently a marathon of ANTM (season 2) on VH1. If any of you are as obsessed with the show as I am, you'll know that this was a good season.
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