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30 ridiculous celebrity demands

1. Barbra Streisand - During a recent visit to London, Barbra Streisand made similar requests at two different hotels. These included rose petals in the toilet (WTF? You’re just going to pee on them anyway), peach colored toilet tissue to match her complexion, and 120 designer bath towels, also in peach.

2. Christina Aguilera must have a police escort meet her at the airport and lead her limo because she refuses to deal with traffic. Backstage, she must have a jar of Flinstones Vitamins.

3. Mariah Carey insists a new toilet seat and gold faucets are installed in her hotel suite before she checks in. She flies in her own personal bed linens and must have enough of a certain kind of mineral water so she and her dog can bathe in it each day. Also, when on tour Mariah’s dressing room must contain one box of bendy straws, two air purifiers, puppies and kittens (oh dear Lord), an attendant to take her used chewing gum and Cristal champagne.

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