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30 ridiculous celebrity demands

1. Barbra Streisand - During a recent visit to London, Barbra Streisand made similar requests at two different hotels. These included rose petals in the toilet (WTF? You’re just going to pee on them anyway), peach colored toilet tissue to match her complexion, and 120 designer bath towels, also in peach.

2. Christina Aguilera must have a police escort meet her at the airport and lead her limo because she refuses to deal with traffic. Backstage, she must have a jar of Flinstones Vitamins.

3. Mariah Carey insists a new toilet seat and gold faucets are installed in her hotel suite before she checks in. She flies in her own personal bed linens and must have enough of a certain kind of mineral water so she and her dog can bathe in it each day. Also, when on tour Mariah’s dressing room must contain one box of bendy straws, two air purifiers, puppies and kittens (oh dear Lord), an attendant to take her used chewing gum and Cristal champagne.

4. David Hasselhoff insists on a life sized cut of himself backstage.

5. Paul McCartney - No more and no less than 19 six foot tall leafy green plants and four six foot tall plants should adorn his dressing room.

6. Yul Brenner - Hotel rooms had to be painted a particular shade of beige prior to his stay. The kitchen of his suites had to be stocked with brown eggs, not white.

7. Eminem - Backstage Eminem must have a masseuse, a Play Station, basket ball hoop, ping pong table, and lots of fast food from different restaurants.

8. Rod Stewart - Has a special “darkening team” on staff to make sure no light comes into his room when he takes his afternoon nap.

9. Justin Timberlake requires someone go around every two hours to disinfect doorknobs.

10. Kevin Federline - Even the wannabes have demands. In his dressing room Kevin Federline must have a box of Altoids, 2 aromatherapy candles, Grey Goose Vodka, a six pack of Red Bull, Jack Daniels, GMC Energy Powder, and various and sundry catered items.

11. Sharon Stone - When Sharon Stone films, she insists on having a private home at her disposal plus the funds to pay staff members including a maid service and nannies.

12. James Brown - Once asked for two young ladies under the age of 21 and a woman’s hair dryer.

13. Sammy Davis, Jr. - An Assortment of groovy chicks. And his definition of “groovy” would be?

14. Beyonce - A fresh scrubbed and disinfected backstage toilet and temperatures of exactly 78 degrees.

15. Jennifer Lopez - Her coffee must be stirred counter clockwise. Trailers and backstage areas must be draped with white sheets and decorated with white rose and candles.

16. Brittany Murphy - On the set of her new movie she’s demanding a “specially prepared” peanut butter sandwich every hour.

17. Rose McGowan - Her “Grindhouse” co-stars were forbidden to wear red to the premiere because Rose was wearing red and didn’t want to be upstaged. Insecure much?

18. Janet Jackson - Insists that her limo be parked right outside her dressing room door so she doesn’t have to walk. Must have a chaise lounge and 10 black roses.

19. Johnny Depp - Likes his dressing room draped with Moroccan drapes and filled with candles and water pipes.

20. Madonna - Must have bottles of special Kabbalah water at her photo shoots and appearances. During her 2006 Confessions tour Madonna had to have a new toilet seat for each night.

21. Prince - Must have a physician back stage to administer B-12 shot.

22. Jennifer Hudson - A recent appearance was canceled due to her diva-ish demands including five cars, hair, makeup and security staff and baked chicken wings for breakfast.

23. Joss Stone - At a recent appearance, Joss requested a dozen long stemmed roses - with the thorns removed.

24. Angelina Jolie - Requested a movie studio pay for flying lessons for Brad Pitt before she would agree to film with them.

25. Jim Carrey - Must have his private Gulfstream jet appear in any film requiring footage of planes.

26. Sean “Diddy”Combs - Before he would allow a London club to host a party for him, he insisted they foot the bill for six limos, including a Rolls Royce, a limo and a Mercedes. After the club agreed, Diddy made more demands and the club canceled the event.

27. Russell Crowe - When filming “Cinderella Man” Russell had to have black curtains in his dressing room so he wouldn’t have to see anyone and no one could see him.

28. Usher - At a GQ awards show Usher had to have the red carpet cleared so he would be the only one being photographed and interviewed. The other celebrities in attendance were not amused.

29. 50 Cent - At the VMA’s Fiddy asked for two boxes of condoms. Lifestyles and Rough Riders.

30. Dick Cheney - All televisions in his hotel suite must be tuned to Faux Fox News.


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