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Hugh Laurie gets free Burger King for life, remains AWESOME while doing so.


Laurie - a human being so lovely and bright that, in a troubled world, merely uttering his name feels like saying a prayer - has been displaying superlative, ground-level analysis of the swings-and-roundabouts nature of fame. “[Being famous means that] you can get a table in a restaurant,” he muses. “But then you've got to go past a line of people who can't get a table - and that's a bad feeling.” But he goes on inadvertently to blow the lid off what will, surely, become one of the big media talking-points of the year. “I've [been given] a Burger King Gold Card,” he said casually - an invention of which Celebrity Watch was previously wholly unaware, yet is now instantly consumed by the concept of.

Nugatory Google research reveals that the American chatshow host Jay Leno is also in possession of this Burger King Gold Card, and that possession of said card entitles one to an almost limitless supply of free burgers. But after that small snippet, nothing. No one else will speak of it - it is as though some manner of celebrity burger omertà has been declared.

It's clear, however, that a new high water mark of celebrity and power has been established. Those with a Burger King Gold Card are the new Bilderberg Group; the new illuminati; the new “people who are invited to Sir Elton John's parties”. This is the pinnacle. The sesame-seed bunicle. These are the Burger King of Kings.

source it.

I love how everyone is outraged at the use of "remains sexy while doing so." I didn't know it only applied to T.I posts. So I changed it.

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