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Chad Michael Murray Thinks He Deserves An Emmy, or: Why Good Shows Never Win

How Emmy nominations work:

1. You appear on an eligible TV program.
2. You choose an episode, fill out a form, send in that form along with a headshot, DVD of the episode, and $200 [the fee is waived for Academy members] to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
3. EVERYONE who sends in a form - provided they are not found ineligible somehow - ends up on the ballot. This is the stage that they're in now - the field will be narrowed to ten people per category, then five people, and those five will be the nominees.

What ends up happening: Everyone and their mother decides to enter. The ballot is hugely bloated [1062 entrants this year for 16 categories], and Emmy voters don't have a chance in hell of familiarizing themselves with everyone, so they go with big names and past nominees.

What happened with Katherine Heigl and Lindsay Lohan? The list was released, and they had never taken any action to put themselves on it. When the media asked why, they released statements explaining their reasoning. Neither actress went out of her way to remove herself from consideration - they just never filled out the form. Heigl's a bitch for blaming the writers, but there was nothing wrong with her decision not to enter.

These people are the reason Friday Night Lights never wins anything.Collapse )

On the off chance that someone on this list actually DOES deserve an Emmy, then trust me: There are at least half a dozen more people in their category who really, really don't.

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