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Gwen and Jen

Aniston's revenge advice

(BANG) - Gwen Stefani has advised Jennifer Aniston to take revenge on her ex husband, Brad Pitt.

The singer is reportedly urging the former 'Friends' star to get even with Pitt after his alleged affair with 'Mr & Mrs Smith' co-star Angelina Jolie.

A source said: "Jen's been leaning on Gwen's shoulder.

"Gwen told her not to allow herself to be portrayed as a doormat. She is encouraging her to get mad. She says the painful truth is, nobody respects a loser and she must not come off looking like one."

Insiders say Aniston will begin her retaliation with an explosive interview with America's Vanity Fair magazine, in which she reveals the truth about Brad's relationship with Angelina.

An insider is quoted by Britain's Grazia magazine as saying: "The fact that Brad has been making her look so pathetic as he runs around town with Angelina is incredibly painful for her.

"At first Jennifer was completely uncomprehending and seemed unable to respond. Now she is angry.

"Jennifer has said she did want babies and that starting a family wasn't the issue. The issue was that Brad cheated."

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