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"I was surprised by a couple of notes from a "How I Met Your Mother" cast appearance at an Emmy event in New York this weekend. The actors and producers pulled a "Lost," revealing some tantalizing tidbits without actually telling us anything, according to a Televisionista report."

"Most importantly, they said we've already seen the mother, a woman with an umbrella played by producer Pam Fryman. Does anyone remember what episode that was in? The circumstances? They also said that the young actors who play Ted's two kids, to whom he's telling the story of the series, already know who the mother is. Apparently they taped some dialogue last year that revealed the secret. Wonder if that was when the show was on the bubble? With so much up in the air due to the writers strike, they might have recorded the bit as a hedge against a cancellation and the need to whip together a series finale on short notice.
And finally. Sarah Chalke will be back as Dr. Stella next season, but no one would say for how long, so it's difficult to read the tea leaves when it comes to her chances for motherhood. The writers did admit that the Barney and Robin hookup was a late call, inspired by the chemistry between Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders above) during the laser-tag episode."

Are the kinda revealed secrets legen... wait for it... dary? They of course don't tell enough. I still don't think Stella's the mom!

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