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JJ the Jet Plane

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas revealed to Cosmo Girl! in their extra special Jonas Brothers edition that he didn't alway want to be a huge rock star: I was totally not down with singing. I was trying to be cool and just wanted to skateboard and be the funny guy.'

However, when he saw how girls reacted to Nick and Kevin singing, he changed his tune. 'Seeing the reactions they got from the girls, I was like, 'Maybe I should try and sing.' And then I fell in love with it.'

Joe once again crushed JoJo Levesque dating rumors [Thank God!] 'She’s a friend, and she came to our concert in Boston. She had on super-high heels, and I was helping her through the snow as I would for my mom or any girl. Someone took pictures, and suddenly we become 'JoJoJoeJo.' I laughed because it was ridiculous.'


I think Joe would be even hotter if he was a badass skater kid, haha :-P I rather like those types of guys.


Chelsea Staub also wanted to clear up some rumors as well...

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM7Ecvg_xPM

WTF was the face at the end? I can't stand her. Reminds me of the girls I used to go to high school with... f-a-k-e.

Joe Jonas - Gotta Find You (aka "THAT'S THE SONG!")

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr88X8ykjxc

Not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed, otherwise.... JOE. DO ME NOW.

ETA: Found this on oceanUP --> Pictures of what the inside of the Camp Rock Soundtrack will look like.

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