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Johnny Depp spends 45th birthday at work

Johnny Depp
, who’s in Chicago filming the movie Public Enemies, spent his 45th birthday winning over fans in the Windy City.

On set in downtown Chicago, the still-boyish actor--who plays bank robber John Dillinger in the gangster flick--sweetly smiled and waved to a few dozen teenage and twenty-something fans, who hooted out greetings like, “You’re so hot!” and “We love you!”

When the ladies wished Depp a happy birthday, he looked up from underneath his ‘30s-style fedora, smiled and waved. “He looked really hot,” one fan gushed to

The Pirates of the Caribbean star shot a car chase scene, which ended with police hopping out of a car.

When rain shortly detailed filming, instead of running for cover, Depp grabbed an umbrella and chatted with fans.

Last week, the father of two was spotted on the set and around town. On Monday, he gently warned fans to be careful as they swarmed his SUV. “He was friendly, and opened the window to ask people to move aside so we didn’t get hit by the car,” a source tells

Depp was also spotted leaving a Sears store last week in the neighborhood of Portage Park before heading over to a local theater to shoot.

Public Enemies documents the lives of famous Depression-era gangsters who dominated Chicago during a crime wave in the 1930s. Depp’s character, John Dillinger, was infamously shot down in front of the city’s Biograph Theater.


ETA: A couple more pictures via PopSugar...

Thanks, [info]movielooney.

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