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babs bunny: in her own words

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Right now I’m just trying to get a whole new team lined up together. I’m not on Bad Boy anymore, so I’m a free agent, since January 1st. I’m doing an online reality show. We about to start filming for that. We just trying to push the project [Ed. Note: As yet untitled], the album is done. We’re dropping a mixtape hosted by Big Mike. That’s really what we’re doing, right now.

No, it was a mutual agreement. It was time. [Bad Boy] wasn’t pushing the project like I needed them to do. It was mutual, no love lost or anything like that. I just had to move on. No music was coming out. I was recording. I did like damn near a hundred records. They were saying the album was done but they needed a single. It was just going back and forth, back and forth with them all the time.

I didn’t want to leave. I wasn’t angry with them. I felt like it was a good thing for me to come out under Bad Boy and I wanted to come out under Bad Boy; but at the same time, ya know, this is my life. I got bills to pay, I gotta live. So I’m like, What’s going on, are y’all going to push the record out? I see all these other b***hes dropping. I know my s**t is fire, what’s going on? It was time to go.

We cool. I haven’t seen [Diddy] in a while but like I said it’s no love lost, at all. Hopefully he could work on my project that I’m about to put out cause I don’t think he as a problem with me as well as I don’t have a problem with him.

I just feel like [Miss Rap Supreme] is playing a game with these females. For us as female artists, it’s so hard for us in the industry. When I first heard about the show I thought it was going to be kind of like Making Da Band; they was going to teach them how it is to be in the game, school them. But this is like a game show. They got them rapping for nuns and doing stupid s**t, having pageants, they making them dress like men. One episode they had the girl, “You dress like Biggie and you dress like Jay-Z.” It’s just a game. I just was really upset about that and I was really upset that Yo-Yo as a female Hip-Hop artist is co-signing that s**t. Popping up on the screen looking like a genie, that s**t is crazy.

It’s an entertaining show but it’s really making female rappers look crazy. They just think we a game, they can do whatever they want to do with us. I’m just so sure if they did a show with that was with all males it wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t make male rappers rhyme for priests and make them dress like Eve and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown and take them to a gay club and perform for a bunch of gay dudes, they wouldn’t do that. You got Serch dressing up like a mailman…it’s a joke.

I know chicks from my hood and from other hoods that went and auditioned for the show and when they told me they didn’t get picked I just was like, Wow, for real? Like for instance Hedonis Da Amazon from Philly. I was just amazed that she didn’t get picked. I know her personally and I know that she’s talented. So I’m watching the show and they cut her and they pick a chick that says, Hello I got three kids and I only been rapping for a year. Y’all pick her and give her the opportunity to win a hundred thousand dollars over a female that’s been grinding for years. Y’all send her home? That’s crazy to me.

I would definitely have them hard body in the studio. I would school them on how they need to prepare themselves for this male Hip-Hop game, cause it’s dominated by men. You have to be strong. I would tell them you don’t have to rhyme about your body. Nicky 2Face, one of the girls on the show, I like her personality but I just feel all of the sexual explicit s**t and rubbing her t***ies and her ass and yeah I’m this, I’m that, I wouldn’t have did it like that.

It’s a business and that’s what I would have taught them. I would have taught them about royalties and signing contract and making sure you have the right lawyer and the right management. And making sure you got the right team around, n****s ain’t going to beat you in the head. That’s the stuff they should be learning.

Females are in so much in competition with each other. Nobody is trying to help each other and build each other up. It’s a lot of females in the game that could push buttons and make things happen but they not trying to help the next female. It’s a lot of hate going on. It’s just madness. On the exec side, people that work on the radio stations, they can tell the DJ’s to put our music up on the playlist to get played. You got females that’s starting they own label but they signing n****s. It’s a lot of politics behind it. I don’t think it has nothing to do with the music.

For me myself, I know I’m nicer lyrically than a lot of dudes that’s in the game that’s on. I’m listening like, Wow, why is this so hard for us females? We hot! We hotter than these dudes and they so worried about how we look. Oh, well she’s too big. What about the big fat n***as that’s rhyming and y’all put his album out and he big, fat and he got t***ies just like me?! But that’s okay? That’s crazy.

Right now I got a movement. A lot of people think it’s a group but it’s a movement, it’s called the Squad. It’s an all female movement. I’m just trying to let the females know we don’t have to hate on each other. It’s not s***ting on n****s cause we love the dudes. But I need them to know that we can stick together and we can make it happen. You talented, let’s do it together and stop hating. Don’t go to a crew full of n****s and you the only chick in the crew. That’s why I’m trying to have us all unite. I’m starting my own record label, I’m signing ten bitched before I sign one n***a That’s just how I’m moving. I have to because if I don’t, it’s just going to die.

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