drippin wid alchemy (lasombradeti) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
drippin wid alchemy

lily blogs about lindsay lohan, sam ronson, and lil photogs

not much to report today , it's 8 am , i'm about to go to the gym , i'm waiting for my coffee and a fruit platter , and then my day begins. I was in the studio yesterday , all is well , we got started on a few ideas , then went for lunch , we went to a Mexican restaurant in Silverlake , food was delicious and they made this roasted tomato salsa instead of normal salsa , because of the tomato salmonella scare . anyway it was all very yummy . heres a pic of my left over rice and beanz

and some Koka Kola

I came back to the hotel at about 7 and went straight to dinner with my number one fan and avid reader of my blog Samantha , we went to this place called Il Sole , the food ? amazing . I love truffles , big time, and they didn't dissapoint . Samantha brought a rather famous friend with her and about 50 million paparazzi , and once Sam and her friend had left with all the paps in tow , we found this little man skipping around on the pavement , he said he was 15 but I think he's even younger . what do you think ?

till tomorrow
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