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the executive producer of miss rap supreme discusses the finale

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Last night, VH1 crowned a champion on the reality female rap competition series "ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme." After eight weeks the Bronx-bred femcee, Reece Steele takes all. In this SOHH exclusive, runner-up Byata bows out gracefully, and executive producer Elliott "YN" Wilson reveals the unseen process.

As SOHH previously reported, "Miss Rap Supreme" played host to 10 aspiring female rappers battling for a chance to win $100,000 in prize money. Last night, in the two rounds, which pitted Brooklyn's own Byata against Bronx native, Reece, each femcee spit a 16 bar verse in round one and then performed a complete song for the finale.

The intense competition concluded when celebrity guest judges Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and former Violator exec Mona Scott joined the show host's Yolanda "Yo-Yo" Whitaker and MC Serch in crowning the winner.

"It's crazy cause I was actually there for the tapping of [the finale] and the consensus overall was that Byata won on the 16 verse, which was surprising because we thought Reece was going to win," Wilson recalled. "When they did their song, we felt Byata would have an advantage because she worked with a live band before, but when it was Reece's turn there was a certain part of her performance where she just blacked out and I think the crowd connected better with her hook. She kind of won over the audience and that's how we ultimately made our decision."

Although she ultimately lost the competition, Byata took her defeat in stride.

"I think that the judges have been fair," Byata told SOHH. "I've been watching the show and reading comments like people thought for the video, the other team should of won. But when I think about the things the judges said and how things were, I think they made the right decision."

"It was close," Wilson explained. "There was a little drama behind the scenes because Missy felt Byata overall was essentially the better artist. She really felt Byata should win even though she admitted that her hook wasn't as good as Reece Steele. But, you know it's not the "Missy Elliott Show," it's "ego trip's Show." It was close, but Reece really won over the crowd at the end and I felt like she grabbed it."

The runner up isn't letting the lost stop her dream. Busy working on her solo debut, Byata, is currently fielding inquiries from a few indies with major distribution. The rapstress expects to make a decision on her future in about a month.

"I think [Reece and Byata] both have a lot of talent, but they're very distinctively different artists," Wilson clarified. "With Reece, it's like any kind of hardcore MC, you may try and peg on the person and say 'they can't make hit records,' but there's a lot of layers to Reece. I don't think that it's just complete surface [with her]. On one end she's a better battle rapper than Byata, but she's [also] very perceptively clever in a lot of ways and she could develop and make hit songs as well."

"Now, it's official," he concluded, "Reece is our winner and now VH1 can cut her check. She'll get $50,000 after taxes or something like that."

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