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Top ten recurring characters on Arrested Development

FYI-All the AD episodes are on hulu.com

1. Barry Zuckercorn (Henry Winkler)
It is a credit to the brilliance of Arrested Development that an actor like Henry Winkler, who will forever be identified with the role of Fonzie, can be identified with a character who could not be more different. The hilarity that comes from Barry's sexual deviancy and complete legal ineptitude is reason enough to watch.

2. Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio)
When Henry Winkler became unavailable the only logical choice to replace him was Scott Baio. I still marvel at the genius of a lawyer who's name sounds like "Blah, blah blah."

3. Stan Sitwell (Ed Begley)
Begley has a knack for acting completely normal while looking like a total freak. I am going to shave my body and go as Sitwell next Halloween.

4. Maggie Lizer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)
I always felt bad that Maggie and Michael never made it work. She was manipulative, conniving and self-consumed. In other words, she would have made a perfect addition to the Bluth family.

5. Larry Middleman (Bob Einstein)
Einstein's unique ability to act with absolutely no emotion whatsoever made him the perfect choice for this role.

6. Kitty Sanchez (Judy Greer)
It was Greer's performance as the cross-eyed, silicone enhanced psycho that landed her a starring role on her own sitcom. Too bad Kitty didn't score a spinoff.

7. Lucille Austero (Liza Minelli)
Anyone who doubts that Liza can do comedy needs to watch her on AD and then go rent Arthur. Not only was she perfectly cast and hysterically funny, she also managed to be oddly alluring, in a "weird lady who lives down the hall" kind of way.

8. Franklin
Whenever GOB was demonstrating his blatantly racist lack of ventriloquial skills, I actually felt bad for Franklin. It was as if he were trapped by GOB's side and even though he was a puppet, you could still clearly see the look of embarrassment on his face.

9. Warden Stefan Gentles (James Lipton)
Carl Weathers. Thomas Jane. Malik Yoba. Any one of these tough guys could play a warden of a high security prison. However, that's not how they do things in the Bluth universe. The host of Inside the Actor's Studio was clearly the only logical choice.

10. Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller)
While this seems like an easy choice, I put Stiller on this list because his performance of Tony Wonder was so funny, it reminded me of the glory that was The Ben Stiller Show.

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