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Remember Willow? Loved that movie.

Warwick Davis Sounds Off On Deathly Hallows Split, Calls Charater ‘Light Relief’ In Next Harry Potter.

When Warwick Davis read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” it must have been something very much like “losing a Knut and finding a Galleon.” Because while he might have been initially disappointed that Harry wasn’t going to be at Hogwarts for his seventh year – denying Charms Professor Filius Flitwick of much action (until the very end that is) –he’s more certain than ever that all his action will finally make it into the adaptation, thanks to a recent decision to split the seventh novel into two feature length films.

“I think that’s a good idea because when you try and squeeze these quite lengthy novels into a two-hour movie, a two-and a half hour film there is gonna be stuff that’s left out,” Davis enthused. “There’s so much in the last book, I think it’ll make two really good films. It’s worthy of that.”

Surprisingly, though, given that Flitwick is given some fairly heroic things to do at the Battle of Hogwarts (”You’ll do no more murder at Hogwarts!”) the scenes Davis is most looking forward to are the sequences with Griphook the Goblin.

“I very much like the scenes with Griphook,” Davis deadpanned recently when asked to name his favorite scene in “Deathly Hallows.” “I think that’s a great character to have involved more in the film.”

In the meantime, though, Davis has to content himself with a small role as Flitwick in “Half-Blood Prince,” telling MTV News that the character continues to act as the “light relief.”

“My character seems to get involved in fun stuff now,” Davis said. “I’ve had an immensely enjoyable time again. It’s a real honor to be a part of number 6.”

What sequence are you most looking forward to in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”? The Battle of Hogwarts? The Break-in to Gringotts? The Weasley Wedding? Something else? And don’t forget to weigh in as to where you think the seventh film should be broken. Sound off below.

Note: In the original version of this article, I incorrectly wrote that Warwick played Griphook the Goblin, the treacherous former employee of Gringotts who helps Harry break into the Lestrange’s vault in “Deathly Hallows.” Warwick DID play a goblin in “Sorcerer’s Stone,” but NOT Griphook. That role was played by Verne Troyer. The lesson, as always, is that I’m an idiot. I got confused as to the role due to the way Warwick talked about it, smiling somewhat. No excuses Potter fans! I’m sure the post exists out there somewhere forever. Feel free to find it, point and laugh. I know I would.

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title of article/blog is all MTV, pas moi.
also, maybe it was my imagination, but was flitwick ever badass (not just funny-ha-ha)?

sauces! marinara! alfredo!
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