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TV Spoilers!

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Spoiler Chat: Heroes, Hills, 90210 and More!

Any word on the
remake? Is Tori still in it? Will hubby David appear?

I’m hearing from inside sources that the CW is considering giving it a two-hour premiere. Whether it's one hour or dos, the big day will be September 2 at 8 p.m. As for Tori Spelling, as we first reported, she most definitely will appear in the first episode, resurrecting Donna as the owner of a hip clothing store (think Kitson). But I'm told David (Brian Austin Green) is not likely to appear in the CW's BevHood given that he's now full time over on Fox's Terminator. Tori tells us: "I don't know if she and David are together. I feel like she’s a career woman. And when you get married young, sometimes you evolve and then you’re no longer compatible."

Is there any chance that Jim and Pam will be the
Office spinoff
, or part of the spinoff, since Pam is going to New York?

Steve Carell tells us: "As far as I know, nobody is leaving ship. At least at this point, from what I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s based on any of the characters from the existing show. It’s an entirely new setup with new characters."

I just heard a rumor that Shannyn Sossamon, aka Coraline on Moonlight, is joining the cast of

According to multiple sources, it just ain't true!

season-two dancer had a baby?

Allison Holker is the new mom. (Pssst...I've heard tell of baby pics appearing on Facebook.)

What's the dish on this Jamie Bayard character on

The dish is this, according to Jamie Bayard himself: "I danced in a group out in Palm Springs when I was like 13, and Benji and Lacey's father, Buddy Schwimmer [sadly, no relation to David] came to choreograph for this group I was in. After he saw me dance, he thought I should train with him, so I decided to do that for a while. Turns out the girl I was dancing with [at the time], uh, became Satan—not to put it lightly. And basically we stopped dancing together at the same time Lacey stopped dancing with her partner. So Buddy said, well, why don't you guys dance together—just compete in the U.S. Open in three months. And so we did, and we won. It was very exciting."

I cannot wait an entire summer for
Grey's Anatomy
to come back!

Seattle Grace opens its doors on June 25 to start filming season five.

be back on FX next year?

I'm sorry, no. A network source confirms that FX canceled Dirt late last week.

Spoilers behind their respective cuts:

LostCollapse )HeroesCollapse )Brothers & SistersCollapse )The HillsCollapse )WeedsCollapse )ChuckCollapse )Big LoveCollapse )PsychCollapse )ScrubsCollapse )The CloserCollapse )In Plain SightCollapse )ERCollapse )SupernaturalCollapse )Army WivesCollapse )My BoysCollapse )


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