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Famous British People Do Artwork For Edwyn Collins And Charity

" In efforts to put a little arts’n’crafts into rock ’n’ roll, Edwyn Collins has called on an impressive list of celebrity friends to contribute artwork for his latest single, “Home Again.” On June 23, the seven-inch released by the iconic Scottish songwriter and one-time Orange Juice front-man will hit UK store shelves with a limited run of 1,500 - 25 of which will be emblazoned with one-of-a-kind artwork by the likes of Irvine Welsh, Jarvis Cocker, David Shrigley, Graham Coxon, Pete Fowler, Pete Shelley, Samantha Morton and Norman Blake.

However, even if you do live in the UK (sorry there is no mail order on this one, North Americans), getting your hands on one of these ultra-rare prints encasing the title track of Collins’s 2007 album Home Again isn’t going to be easy. In the "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket" tradition, all the seven-inches will be wrapped up so you can’t tell which is which and then randomly placed in participating record stores across Britain so that everyone has an equal chance of owning a highly prized, and one day likely highly valuable, collector’s item. (Well, unless those untrustworthy record store clerks tamper with the packaging and hoard the goods for themselves.)

All the profits of the project will go to Connect, the aphasia support organisation that helped Collins during his rehabilitation after his life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage in February 2005. To look at the designs and see which shops you can buy a copy of the single, go to www.edwyncollins.com.

Here is the full list of designers:

John Squire
Irvine Welsh
Jeremy Deller
Norman Blake
Samantha Morton
Paul Cook
Franz Ferdinand
Nicky Wire
Harry Hill
Pete Fowler
Pam Hogg
Billy Childish
Pete Shelley
Tracey Thorn
Jarvis Cocker
The Cribs
Bob London
Bernard Butler
Sebastian Lewsley
David Shrigley
Graham Coxon
Andrew Weatherall
Tim Burgess
Richard Hawley "

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