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Brittany Snow Busts a Nut

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I'm a long time learker, first time poster...So please be gentle.

The other Brit plays a child-molested prostitute who is willing do anything her client wishes in her new movie "On the Doll". After the cut I've include an S&M bondage clip from the movie that features one such client....


2nd WARNING!!!! Clip Contains Some Seriously Efed up Stuff, Watch at Your Own Risk!!!

22 year old actress Brittany Snow has decided to use the "Alyssa Milano Method" of accepting whorish roles that require nudity inorder to break free from her "former-child-actor" chains (see our Milano Video Section, and Milano Picture Section for more on what A.M. method consists of), which is more popular and contains less suicide attempts then the "Bonaduche Method" which calls for a meth addiction, a steroid addiction, a broken family, a broken personality, and a reality show.

So in true Image-Killing fashion, Brittany follows up her kidnapper/Neo-nazi role on "Nip/Tuck" (great show by the way) by playing a comedic prostitute in "Finding Amanda", a meth addicted prostitute with multiple personalities in "Black Water Transit", and a child-molested prostitute with a degree in f*cked-up-fetishes in "On the Doll".

So far of the three hooker roles the Prom Night beauty will be playing in the coming months all the internet has been blessed with is some leaked footage from "On the Doll" (trailer), which earlier reports from Nudography claimed would contain "a full frontal nude scene", "3 different sex scenes", and a "simulated blowjob scene where she appears topless" but newer reports claim actually contains nothing more then this S&M bondage scene that can be seen on the DVD's cover and features Brittany pouncing on her "client"'s happy sac like a an out of control Travis Barker solo.

Brittany tells IGN about her role in the movie:
I don't know what's going on with that. The thing about On the Doll – I was doing Nip/Tuck at the time, and I was doing only 5 or 6 scenes an episode. So I had some free time, and I wanted to do something completely different than what I've ever done before. The script really scared me, and I thought I would never do this in my right mind, and my grandfather would kill me. And, so, I did it. I wanted to be really scared. I play a prostitute, and I actually kill this guy by beating him to death.

But don't worry about being completely teased out of any nudity from the John tucker Must Die star because according to a few different interviews Brittany's prostitute #2 movie, Black Water Transit (which is brought to us from the same sick minded director who headed "American History X"), promises quite a bit of explicit Brit:

"In one scene I get raped on a pile of trash. It was sweltering hot where we filmed in New Orleans and I was covered with dirt and fake blood. At the end I was crying hysterically and begging to get up which I think is exactly what Tony Kaye [the movie's director] wanted."

For more conformation on the Snow angel's vanity adjustment in "Black Water Transit" we turn to her interview for Vegas magazine's August 2007 issue:

This movie is a college-graduation kind of departure, and I'm definitely going for it. Basically, I have sex with everybody in the movie. I wear nothing the entire time.

Why Brittany would take on a role that required for so much emotion and so little clothing?

"Because it's a great role. The woman I play has 16 different personalities so every day was something new and different. She's in different time periods with different wardrobes and accents. She's definitely not a stereotypical prostitute. It was the longest and hardest process I've ever gone through to get into a character and even after I was cast I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off."

Caps from Brittany's "ball busting" scene can be found below. On the Dolls is due out on DVD June 17th 2008, Finding Amanda co-stars Matthew Broderick and is due in theater June 27th 2008, and Black Water Transit does not have an official release date yet but is expected to be released some time in this year.

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