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Perfume appear/sing briefly Porno Grafitti video, announce new single, remain fierce while doing so.

Perfume & Porno team up for music video

Electropop unit Perfume is making a special appearance in the music video for Porno Graffiti's latest song, "Itai Tachi Ichi." Porno Graffiti offered the collaboration to the young trio, who belong to the same management agency (Amuse) and are currently riding a wave of success.

"Itai Tachi Ichi" is a song about love, told from the perspective of the opposite sexes. The music video is set in a cabaret club-like live house, where the two members of Porno Graffiti are singing on stage while Perfume is seated in the audience. The three girls also sing some of the lyrics in the video (poster note- by some, he means they mean one line), though the CD version of the song is sung entirely by Porno vocalist Akihito Okano.

The single is being released on June 25.


Perfume - love the world (OUT 2008.07.09)

With the recent release of their number one album, GAME, Japanese electropop trio, Perfume, return with a new single! As produced by Yasutaka Nakata, member of capsule, love the world will be the group's eighth major single and will release in early July. love the world will be available in First Press CD+DVD and CD-Only formats.

New Single
「love the world」
2008.7.9 Release!!

1.love the world
3.love the world -original instrumental-
4.edge -extended mix-

source via source

props to them for their album debuting at #1! and While they look really great in this video, WTF at them only getting one line? :/

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