i dont need to diet , i have photoshop (boo_xo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
i dont need to diet , i have photoshop

Flavor of Loves Myameee does king mag!


Why were you kicked off the show?
Flav kicked me off over some bull. He was scared of the dude who called up saying I owe him a stack and [that] he’s gonna blow up the house. It wasn’t because [Flav] wasn’t feeling me; he was scared for his little life and everybody else’s.

Maybe he wanted to live to see Flavor of Love 4.
Please, he’s 50—get over it. And I want to thank everyone who’s supporting me and saying that Flav is dumb as fuck.

Who the hell do you owe money to?
I don’t owe nobody nothing. The only thing I owe is my student loan. I’m still hot about the situation. A thousand dollars is nothing. I make that in two days working at Hooters. I’m probably making more money at Hooters than the strippers—not the big booty ones. But I’m Ms. Hooters over there. If they had a picture to promote the chain, my boobs should be up there.

Noted. Which one of the girls on the show do you think set you up?
I’m ready to see who was hating. Maybe it was a whole gang of them hos behind it.


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