Too Cool for School...

Hannah Montana has now made an impact in the curricula of the University of Florida.

IDS2935 From Innocence to Hannah Montana: Childhood through the Visual Arts

In different historical eras, children have been seen in various ways–as tiny members of the workforce, as innocents full of fun and play, as victims of violence, as incipient sexual beings. Five class sessions will focus on the these ideas about childhood as reflected in great works of art, using slides and other visual aids as well as works of art from the Harn Museum collection. These class sessions will be held in museum classrooms, galleries and behind the scenes in the art storage area. The sixth class will be devoted to presentations by the class, which will be divided into teams to identify, research and present works of art that relate to class themes.

Source: E-mail sent to the whole student body

I wouldn't be surprised if I have to learn about her in my GEO2426 Pop Music and Culture: A Geographic Perspective.